Welcome to LaSalle College e-Learning Center

Welcome to ilasallecampus.com, LaSalle College’s e-Learning Center. LaSalle’s online courses offer an alternative to in-class study, allowing students to learn from home, at work, or wherever else one may find themself.

The e-Learning Center was created to ensure that students are able to learn at their own convenience and leisure. With technologically adept programs and courses, the online learning experience is equally enriching and engaging as in-class courses.

Choose from a variety of specially designed online degree programs and learn around your own schedule. The online courses offer the flexibility for those who are working, or are unable to attend class in person.

While e-Learning is independent, the key to succeeding is to take full advantage of the interactive e-Learning Center. There is no loss of pedagogical value in the distance learning programs. The e-Learning Center offers a unique online learning experience where students participate in virtual classes that are taught by knowledgeable tutors. This distinct and unique feature of the e-Learning Center allows students to actively participate in a class setting and follow the instruction of an expert tutor while also providing the convenience of attending classes virtually from anywhere.

Students are provided full access to interactive courses, knowledgeable tutors, and a variety online learning resources. Students can use the discussion forums and collaborative whiteboards to bounce ideas and questions off of other students. And students are also able to consult with our experienced tutors, whose industry experiences provide unique perspectives for students to learn from.

The e-Learning Center is a portal to new knowledge and expertise. Taking a course through the e-Learning Center will provide the necessary skills and experience to fast track your career. LaSalle College is dedicated to providing accessible education for all types of students. Courses are especially designed for students who wish to enter the workforce, for experienced individuals looking for a new career path, and for industry professionals who are a keen on keeping their expertise and knowledge up to date with developing industry trends. Register today to begin your studies and prepare for an enriched learning experience.