About our e-Learning Center

Our Mission

The mission of ilasallecampus.com, LaSalle College’s e-Learning Center, is to provide accessible online education for all levels of experience, and flexible schedules. Choose from a variety of courses and diploma options in Fashion, Multimedia, Interior Design, and Administration.


provides a combination of self-guided learning and ‘virtual classes’ for students to advance in their career field and gain invaluable knowledge and expertise.

About LaSalle College e-Learning

With the rapid development and capabilities of digital technology, online learning has become an increasingly popular method of personal education and career training. Gain access to course materials and experienced tutors through an online environment that provides a flexible and stimulating learning experience.

Reduce the stress, and save the time and energy, of commuting to class. Schedule your class work and learning around your schedule. You can study in the evenings after work, on your day off, or on the weekend. Study anywhere, at the office, at home, in a café, even across the country. You can tune into your virtual classes (held 2 times per week) from anywhere where you have access to a computer and Internet connection. This takes away the stress of getting to class, while still providing the essential instruction of a trained tutor.

The courses offered suit the learning needs of all individuals. Find online courses that help you develop the necessary knowledge and skills for your career path. Or choose from a variety of online degrees to kick-start a new career path.

LaSalle College has partnered with leading experts in e-learning development, Ellicom. By bringing together the expertise of educators, writers, translators, graphic designers, and other multimedia professionals, Ellicom’s team of professionals have created an innovative and engaging online learning experience.

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Who We Are

Founded in 1959, LaSalle College has established itself as the largest bilingual college in North America. LaSalle College has continually adapted its educational offerings towards job market and industry demands. It has also been adaptive to new and emerging methods of teaching and education. The e-Learning Center, has established LaSalle College as pioneers of online learning in Canada. The e-Learning Center is an online learning environment that combines interactive tools and engaging educational support that are necessary for our 21st century wired world.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the e-Learning Center is to provide accessible education for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of particular fields of study, and for career aspiring individuals to prepare for the job market, push towards a new career path, or to continue their own personal and career development.

The e-Learning Center is a platform that innovatively combines flexible access to education and online learning that is interactive and engaging for students. Ellicom provides educational and technical expertise that makes ilasallecampus.com a leader in intuitive online education.