Online Programs: Administration

LaSalle College was established in the 1950s to address the demand of administrative labour in the job market at the time. Over the past 50 years society has undergone a complete transformation in the established conditions and technologies of the workplace. But the demand for administrative labour persists in the 21stcentury and LaSalle College remains a leader in administrative education.

The Administration online degree program provides a variety of courses designed for students to enter the workforce, prepared with the necessary qualifications and expertise to succeed in today’s working landscape. It’s the administrative assistance’s job to manage company schedules and deadlines, and ensure that all essential company communications are properly followed-up with. A position in office administration also opens the door for career opportunities in data acquisition and as a clerical technician.

LaSalle College’s e-Learning Center provides online certificate programs with course offerings that will prepare students for a career as an administrative assistant. Courses such as “Website Development,” “Word Processing 1,” and “Visual Design and Esthetics for Multimedia” teach students technical skills required to compete in our ever changing technological landscape.

The e-Learning Center provides students an interactive learning experience that combines individual learning along with weekly virtual classes and the opportunity to interact with fellow classmates and course tutors. The administration program will provide students the chance to learn the necessary technological skills and expertise to advance their careers.