The e-Learning Center at LaSalle College

provides a unique online learning opportunity that aims to provide students with the needed expertise and knowledge to pursue the career of their choice. Below are some of our frequently asked questions about the e-Learning Center. Find out if online learning is right for you, visit the LaSalle College website for more information.

How does e-Learning work?

The e-Learning Center is an online distance education platform. Students are provided the flexibility to complete their course work around their own schedule. For students with family and work obligations, too far from campus to commute, the e-Learning Center provides the opportunity to study at a pace that suits a busy lifestyle.

Access all online courses easily through any high-speed Internet connection. From the e-Learning Center you can gain access to all course material in a variety of different mediums (text, audio, and video), tune into virtual classes with expert tutors and interact with other students.

How are you evaluated?

There are three methods of evaluation in our e-Learning courses: formative evaluations, modular evaluations, and assignments and projects.

Formative evaluations are part of the self-guided learning component of your online studies. Answer questions, solve problems, and test your knowledge of important concepts. While these evaluations are not graded, they are essential for understanding the main concepts and ideas of the course and they will better prepare students to successfully complete their graded assignments.

Modular evaluations are another component of your self-guided learning. At the end of each section of your course (training module) you will complete a test. These evaluations are designed to summarize the key concepts and test your knowledge of the material that you’ve just reviewed.

The formative and modular evaluations culminate in your course assignments and projects, where you apply your knowledge and submit your work to course tutors The tutors will evaluate your assignments and grade you on your understanding of the course material, key concepts, and execution of your project. For example, in our e-business course we would ask students to complete analyses of online business technologies and develop a Web marketing plan. In our event planning course students will be asked to develop their own employment proposals.

How to succeed

The e-Learning Center at ilasallecampus.com provides a number of online degrees that combines independent learning and online instruction. Students will tune-in to two virtual classes a week, and work around their own schedules to complete course readings, assignments, and evaluations.

When learning online it is best to find a routine that is suitable for your lifestyle. While you’re not committed to being in class on a particular day and time of the week, it’s important to set your own schedule where you dedicate time to do your work. Whether in the evenings, on your days off, or on the weekend its best to adapt a school work routine to your weekly schedule to help you to stay on track to completing your online course work. Choose a period of time when you are alert and able to work without distractions.

Also remember to take advantage of the e-Learning Center’s interactive learning tools. Check in with your tutors to follow-up on any questions that might have been raised in your virtual classes, and engage with other students through the online forums to clarify the course material.