Online Programs: Web and Multimedia

The demand for skilled information technology personnel is in demand across numerous sectors of the job market. We encounter digital technologies on a daily basis in and outside the work environment. The technologies program at LaSalle College’s e-Learning Center provides students with technical knowledge and skills to succeed in a career in information technologies.

Online certificate programs are ideal for people who are looking to acquire new qualifications, and up to date information on industry developments, while our online degree programs are ideal for students looking to attain the right skills and knowledge to enter the workforce.

The technology program at LaSalle College offers courses in multimedia, design, and more. Students will be challenged to employ their creativity in digital design and multimedia courses, while applying their technical and analytical skills as well.

The independent study and flexibility of the e-Learning Center will allow students to work around their own schedules. Students will benefit from the instruction of their tutors in their twice a week virtual classes, and have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge while practicing new technical skills. This is ideal for the technology program as students must learn and practice advance web development languages, digital design techniques, and programming code.

LaSalle College’s e-Learning Center provides a technologically advanced platform for distance learning, ideal for technology students to develop technical skills and knowledge.